How to use a baby fruit pacifier?

Fruit and Food Feeder Pacifier

Multipurpose Silicone Teether – Solve multiple problems at once with our 2-in-1 fruit pacifier feeder and teething toy. Specially designed to hold baby food while gently massaging the gums to encourage healthy teeth development.  lets your little one enjoy the natural taste of food and fruit without the possible hazards of choking.

Material: filter mesh (silicone), treatment(PP)
Color: blue, green, yellow, pink
Product size: S, M, L
Applicable age: S(over 3 months), M(over 6 months), L(over 15 months)

Use Instructions:
1. Cut fruits and vegetables and meat into strips or sheets;
2. Open the silica gel filter mesh;
3. Put the cut food into the filter mesh;
4. The fastening handle allows the baby to enjoy the delicious food;
5. Pour the food slag out after use.